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Packaging responds to your senses beyond touch and feel, it plays a fundamental role in creating meaningful, long lasting impressions. From material choices to color selection, and structure to sizing, the physical nature of packaging can stir delight, recall memories, and instill a sense of ownership – brand ownership.

Tiffany Packaging

By example; a little robin’s egg blue box, ‘crowned with a white ribbon’ immediately conjures images of Tiffany & Co.’s packaging, as well as reminds us of our personal experiences with the brand. This deep rooted heritage was established well over 100 years, and isn’t quickly replicated. Apple’s packaging carries nearly the same impact, as one of packaging’s most requested designs. But Apple isn’t about a color, or a paper, it is about the simplicity executed through structural design and attention to detail. The manner in which the lid releases the base of a box with a smooth uninterrupted vacuum, how the bagasse inserts fit seamlessly into the base, and the overall weight and sturdiness of the pack speak to the brand’s design intent across all touch points.

Start-ups and brands looking to zig when their competition is zagging, can’t expect to inject heritage through a simple color change in their packaging, or reverting to hand written text. Going back to the drawing board, and starting at first concept is how you instill meaning and a sense of purpose within your packaging. These first steps vary by; industry, long and short term goals, and the purpose each pack will serve.

Disney Packaging X Coach Packaging retail

The first steps for retail packaging, may require sizing audits which includes; analyzing product mix, cash-wrap storage dimensions, and SKU review. Ultimately this analysis may result in a reduction of packaging components, a streamlined packaging system built around your current product mix, and packaging savings that can be reinvested in packaging materials, packaging accessories, and a more meaningful program.

Twist LED light bulb packaging

For start-ups, establishing a packaging foundation through structural design may be the right first step to establish structural design, an unveiling process, dimensions, and baseline costing. Prototyping is a large part of these first steps, as testing will yield more questions to answer with design, prior to grinding our visual design. Understanding the implications of material selection, fulfillment processes, shipping, and user-experience can be addressed in the early prototype stages of design to deliver a meaningful, long lasting unveiling impression of your own.

If you’re interested in learning more about our structural design, or auditing process, we’d love to hear from you.

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