Uniqlo Bag with drawstring ribbon closure
02.01.2016 /

Japan’s casual wear giant, Uniqlo was ready to try something a bit different this holiday season. Together we developed this NWPP drawstring pouch to replace holiday gift wrap and speed up check-out times at the cash-wrap counter. The red custom dyed NWPP, with it’s bold screen printed white logo and satin ribbon, stood out against the retail environment.

Uniqlo’s use of red in their cut-and-sew packaging may seem like the go-to choice for holiday, but while it may be a seasonally traditional color, in Japanese culture, red’s symbolic nature means joy and happiness. What other gift can possibly be more valuable than that? Nothing – except for maybe finding a little joy and happiness shopping at Uniqlo.


Uniqlo Bag with drawstring ribbon closure

Uniqlo chicago store


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