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Cut & Sew refers to fabric and non-pulp-based packaging being cut and sewn into an array of structures. Completely customizable packaging allows for endless styles including totes, messenger bags, drawstring backpacks, dust bags, and cosmetic pouches to name a few. The wide variety of materials, structures, and adornments make Cut & Sews accessible to all brands large and small. The benefits of integrating a Cut & Sew program into your everyday packaging range from grassroots marketing initiatives, increasing brand visibility and packaging lifespan, and most importantly staying relevant in the consumer’s life.

Regardless of substrates and structure, color-matching is part of our Creative Production process in manufacturing. A well-executed Cut & Sew program reinforces the brand, validates customer loyalty, and promotes seasonal packaging efforts which result in social sharing opportunities. Hardware snaps, buckles, grommets, and leather zipper pulls can also be branded to further customize reusable Cut & Sew, providing a secondary opportunity to connect with the consumer while protecting the product.

Key takeaways of Cut & Sew packaging are; increase brand visibility, lengthen packaging lifespan, validating consumer loyalty, and increasing awareness through social media marketing initiatives. 

Here are few of our recent faves from social in no particular order.






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