Distribution and Inventory Management

Design Packaging is your partner through every step of the supply chain—from creative to the final global distribution of your product. Through our customizable Personalized Online Packaging Ordering Portal, you can rest assured that ordering and tracking will ensue with ease. We’ve built the system around the needs of our growing global and domestic clients, resulting in an ever evolving platform able to be customized to your brand’s specific needs.

The easy to use interface allows both corporate and individual stores to log-in, shop, review active orders, track shipments, and access reports on demand.

You will be connected directly to our internal inventory management system and global warehouses.  Enabling you complete at-a-glance visibility to your inventory anytime of day, anywhere in the world.

We can provides easy to use corporate oversight for individual store demands reducing the potential for stores to over-order, hoard packaging, and ship on expedited services. Our personalized concierge styled customer service program provides your brand a Premiere Service Consultant to communicate all of your immediate needs.

Please contact us for more information about our Online Ordering + Logistics Services.

  • Luxury packaging design retail packaging
  • Luxury packaging design retail packaging


We know reporting isn’t sexy, but we make it look good.

We know there are two types of stores out there‚ the ones that hoard and over inventory‚ and those that always run out of packaging. Our online ordering system allows you to set and tier minimum and maximum orders‚ specific to the rock-star status of each individual store‚ eliminating hoarding and run outs.

Our weekly inventory reports provide you visibility on all product movement and safety stock in real-time. Safety stock allows us to react quickly to unforeseen inventory spikes and gives us the time to correct on hand inventory.

All of our reporting is a la carte‚ tailored to your corporate standards‚ and we are here to train your team at the drop of a hat. Providing peace of mind through better distribution decisions.

Operations & Warehousing

The holidays happen at the same time every year‚ inventory projections and usage should be a no brainer. Our online ordering system‚ and personal concierge service‚ provide you visibility and access with historic data to accurately project future usage. Any time of day‚ any time of year‚ from anywhere in the world.

What’s cool about our warehouses‚ is not only are they in three different countries‚ U.S., China‚ and the Netherlands‚ and are all networked through our online ordering portal. But having product in any of these locations offers you the ability to manage a cohesive global program‚ no matter what timezone you find yourself in.


Understanding that each client has unique needs‚ our process can flex to the specific demands of each program. Here’s a snapshot of the process you can expect:

  • Beginning: Discovery & Exploration‚ Structural & Visual Design
  • Middle: Pricing‚ Testing, Approvals‚ Supply Chain Management‚ and Manufacturing
  • End: Quality Assurance‚ Logistics‚ Transportation‚ Warehousing‚ and Online Ordering

Discovery & exploration establishes the road-map to define‚ not design‚ the collective goals of each program. A clearly defined vision allows our focus to remain true to the consumer experience throughout the design‚ prototyping‚ and manufacturing process. We apply our experience of production‚ substrates‚ and operational management‚ in each phase‚ to manage budgetary guardrails‚ and maintain the authenticity of creative direction.


Design Packaging has grown over the last 30 years to an international packaging design corporation delivering award winning custom retail packaging to clients around the world. We’d like to thank our loyal teams and partners among luxury retailers in the fashion, beauty, and resort industries that have allowed us to maintain our position on the leading edge of retail and product packaging.

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