Packaging a Consumer Experience
03.09.2017 /

Regardless of what they purchase, consumers are buying the brand experience as much as they are the product. While experiences don’t sell products, they are a differentiating factor between competitors in the retail market. On shelf product packaging has the power to influence buying decisions, however, the consumer experience continues long after the customer has left the store or made the online purchase. When approached strategically, thoughtful packaging programs are a powerful marketing tool that can be engineered to work across all aspects of the business, creating consistency and efficiency.

A complete packaging solution needs to solve for structural and visual appeal as much as functionality. It has the power to create an emotional connection to the story that is your brand and a physical connection through packaging. The customer experience is a result of deliberate decisions that culminate a fascinating unboxing of individual moments of delight by tapping into the senses and creating contrasting tactile combinations of paper, fabric, and textiles to provide unique engaging moments that reiterate the brands story.

Companies like FORMA Structural Packaging are focusing on niche areas of user experience; they partner with agencies and in-house design teams to provide expertise in experiential structural design. Collaboration between marketing and niche creative teams is an underutilized area of opportunity. When approached strategically and brought into early conversations, a complete packaging program can be a powerful marketing tool in your brand’s arsenal.


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