Packaging as Art and Design
03.16.2018 /

Packaging as art and a design medium has cemented its place among art collectors.

From the gaffer tape wrapped pizza boxes, and hand painted shopping bags of Donald Robertson, to the painstakingly mechanical scribbles of CJ Hendry, these artists, their talents, and their instagram accounts are something to admire.

Here is a list of artists you should know and support.

CJ Hendry
CJ Hendry, born in South Africa and raised in Brisbane (Yeah VB!) bounced from studying architecture and finance before dropping out to pursue art. Her crumpled luxury shopping bags, and garments are scribbled onto massive canvases to reveal her photo-realistic signature style. Henry’s focus on luxury and fashion has led to collaborations with Christian Louboutin, Puma, and most recently Pantone. “Monochrome” her most recent exhibition will be released April focusing on crumpled Pantone chips drawn in color and wax pencils. To see more of her earlier works, you can click here to read our 2014 article featuring CJ.


Ben Frost
Australian-based pop artist Ben Frost faked his own death in 2000 for an exhibition giving birth to his handle, “Ben Frost Is Dead”. His erotic mash-up paintings take inspiration from advertising, packaging, and graffiti. His illustrative style of graphic models applied to packaging from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, Burberry, and his McDonald’s french fry cartons. His most recent collaboration with Moschino Creative Director Jeremy Scott yielded the beautiful runway show inspired by aliens and a JFK conspiracy, touting printed fabrics of Ben’s illustrations for Freckles, a Skittles inspired candy package design.


Neil Gilks
Fashion professor at Parsons’ The New School, previously Director of Design Advancement at Diane von Furstenberg, and Director of Education at CFDA, examines masculinity and the male form through illustrations and paintings. His work can be seen @neilsecluded on his instagram profile, as well at exhibitions internationally. We were fortunate enough to collaborate with Neil on a series of luxury shopping bags that included our packaging for Marc Jacobs, DKNY, and Alexander Wang, click here to see that collection.


Joe Suzuki
Also known as @jsuzuki57 this Los Angeles based artist’s mind-blowing “Trompe l’oeil” Series is a combination of painting and sculpting unstretched canvases to recreate packaging as art. These packaging creations include his interpretation of the Uniqlo vs Kaws paper bag, Tiffany & Co’s large paper shopping bag, California burger joint In-N-Out take out bags, and a complete Starbucks packaging program that includes cups, shopping bag, and cookie bag. The lid on the Starbucks cup is also canvas, insane right?


Donald Robertson
If you don’t know him by now, check him out @drawbertson
Before becoming instafamous, Donald had a real job, and once his assistant set up an instagram account for him, the rest as they say is history. I’d say more, but you should already know him.

Do yourself an inspirational favor, and follow the artists that have given “keepsake packaging” a new meaning.

*All images property of artists.

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