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Lack of Innovation in Jewelry Packaging Design Stifles the Unboxing Experience

Despite the fact that the jewelry industry has been around for centuries, its packaging hasn’t evolved much. Regardless of brand status, most brands use similar versions of jewelry packaging design: snap hinged boxes lined and covered with various materials. Though the quality of the box, materials, and graphic design varies between brands, the consumer experience with the jewelry packaging design still remains the same. This creates a crisis of identity for both high-end luxury brands and start-ups who wish to differentiate their brand and make an impact in the crowded jewelry market.

Jewelry brands must move quickly to differentiate their packaging to capture imaginations and present new experiences to stay relevant. However, there are no simple solutions to the problem, only bold ideas will challenge conventional understandings of what jewelry packaging is and should be.

There are countless ways to innovate jewelry packaging. One effective way is to change the construct of the jewelry box. Doing so can dramatically alter the user experience in unveiling the jewelry which leads to a more memorable moment. Additionally, alternative designs like leather pouches or fabric slips retain elements of that familiar jewelry unboxing experience but present it in a fresh manner for the consumer.

Memorable jewelry packaging delivers an experience, not just a beautiful product. Creating interactive moments is critical to this process. Intimate connections and memorable unboxing moments are byproducts of structural design and manufacturing processes. Those touch points should be determined by the brand. Consumers deserve a memorable unveiling regardless of the jewelry brand.



This truly unique jewelry packaging design,  uses a pull tab to reveal the ring rather than the traditional method of an old fashioned snap hinge box. This new opening method delays instant gratification by presenting a completely new experience to unboxing jewelry packaging. It allows the consumer to initiate discovery of the details and functionality of the new packaging design creating a strong brand impression and memory. Choose to be bold; anyone can be boring.

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