Evelio Packaging DEsign Conference
04.12.2018 /

Last week Evelio Mattos spoke at MSU’s 2018 PackJam, we were honored to be invited, and excited to have shared so much of our passion for packaging with the next generation of Packaging All-Stars. Hosting 2 keynotes, Evelio not only shared his philosophy of packaging innovation, but also how to break free from the limits designers set on themselves.

Michigan State University is known for its Packaging Engineering program. Our goal at PackJam was to shed light on the importance of collaboration between engineers and designers to discover innovation. Package designers & engineers together can create memorable consumer experiences as well as address larger issues that may include; recycling, reduced carbon footprints, and streamlined automated fulfillment.

We appreciate MSU utilizing our package design resources as part of their curriculum, and continue to look forward to our packaging education in the future.

You too can download a few of our #packaging resources used by many of today’s university programs here:

Packaging and Dielines free e-book resource for designers.

Packaging & Dielines Book 1

New Packaging and Dielines Book 2

Packaging & Dielines Book 2

The Dieline and Evelio Mattos of Design Packaging collaborates with Skillshare for structural packaging design courses

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