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Command Attention and Increase Brand Awareness

In this social media age, the best salesman of your product is actually the packaging design. In other words, the package in which it actually enters the customer’s hands. Too often, marketers and retailers attempt to control the way in which their products and packages are visually presented using professional lighting and cameras.Unfortunately, that same packaging design fails to dazzle the customer when professional lighting and cameras are replaced with bathroom fluorescents and cell phone cameras. Does your product still look exciting and engaging removed from those fancy advertisements, or is it a boring brown box? Does it look like something worthy of a picture and a share on social media?

While fancy lights and expensive set pieces can help you pull together a beautiful ad campaign, only the packaging design will allow your brand to flourish and become a truly ‘viral’ sensation across social media. After all, the packaging design which holds or accompanies the product is the physical manifestation of your brand and the object with which the customer will have the most interaction. A packaging design which is fun, exciting, and clever stands more chances of being photographed and shared than a simple box or bag. Packaging should create a sense of anticipation and excitement for the product that lies within, but much more than that, it delivers the brand promise in a snapshot. Though companies and brands may spend a fortune on advertisement campaigns nothing compares to social following and awareness generated by the packaging design.

Here are a few steps you can take to enhance your packaging design and make waves on social media platforms:

  1. Consider Font Size – Your packaging design should be easily readable at a glance on any social media platform. This will help convey important information to the wider audience and help boost social media views. Prominently leverage your brand phrases and statements to attract potential customers.
  2. Use High Quality Material – Though it may affect your overall costs on the spreadsheet, spending a bit more on the overall design of the packaging will help increase its overall quality and therefore its look. A high quality packaging design is far more likely to get a photo taken and shared than something slapped together for a deadline.
  3. Design Packaging Specific for Social Media ‘Influencers’ – You can leverage the audiences of high profile media personalities to your advantage. This is what’s known as Social Media Influencer Packaging. Essentially, you want to create a complete packaging design experience of both the product and your brand for this particular social media influencer and enable them to share your signature moments with their audience. Look at some samples in the image below.

If your brand, product, or business needs help creating or manufacturing a packaging design worthy of social media attention, let’s talk. With over 30 years of best in class design, manufacturing, and global distribution, Design Packaging has the resources you need to create packages which will boost your viewership on social media.

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