Packaging as Art and Design
03.16.2018 /

Packaging as art and a design medium has cemented its place among art collectors. From the gaffer tape wrapped pizza boxes, and hand painted shopping bags of Donald Robertson, to the painstakingly mechanical scribbles of CJ Hendry, these artists, their talents, and their instagram accounts are something to admire. Here is a list of artists […]

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02.13.2018 /

Packaging design’s acceptance as an ROI delivering powerhouse is here. 2018 is the year that Packaging delivers measurable ROI, strategic marketing plans, and lasting memories well beyond the recycling bin. Influencer marketing or seeding campaigns are a daily part of the brand battle for market share. Successful influencer marketing is the result campaigns that deliver […]

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11.30.2017 /

This year’s holiday packaging opens the door to fun, tongue-in-cheek delight, brightening up the holiday retail season. We’re looking at a few of our most recent collaborations with our long time clients and friends. See something you like? get shopping and tell’em we sent’cha. BIRCHBOX For their adorable ‘Countdown to Beauty’ cosmetic advent calendar, our […]

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Anatomy of a Retail Shopping Bag
11.16.2017 /

Once again we’re breaking down the elements of retail shopping bags for you, because nothing about them is skin deep. Structural packaging design, graphics, and printing processes all work in tandem to create the “walking billboard” we’re used to seeing every day. But what are all the parts of a shopping bag? What are their roles […]

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10.09.2017 /

Packaging has the power to create a need to interact with a product on shelf, create a memorable interaction, and become a lasting keepsake. But in today’s ‘quick to click’ digital-age, hashtags and influencers have the power to convert likes to clicks. Packaging concepts are here to stay, and in some cases should be embraced […]

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The Dieline Packaging Design Award Box Design
09.21.2017 /

Where do you begin when you’re asked to design the packaging for packaging’s most prestigious award? You begin at the end. You start by considering the unveiling experience, the reveal, and its presentation to the winner, every time the box is opened. The team at FORMA Structural Packaging created the angled box to mirror The […]

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Holiday Retail Packaging Gift Card Carrier
08.17.2017 /

Call it what you will; Luxury, prestige, aspirational, or elevated packaging – it all begins with quality materials. Grey-board (Asia/UK), or chip-board (U.S.) is the foundational material that the majority of rigid boxes are built upon. Though it’s rarely seen, the structural rigidity of this base material is critical in communicating quality and craftsmanship in […]

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08.03.2017 /

It’s 2017 and brands of all sizes are looking internally for ways to do more with less. One area continually overlooked is retail packaging. It’s the 21st century and we’re living in the ever changing high tech retail world of, apps, social media, and seamless ecomm check-outs. So, why are you still using 40-year-old default […]

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how to design packaging
07.06.2017 /

Packaging responds to your senses beyond touch and feel, it plays a fundamental role in creating meaningful, long lasting impressions. From material choices to color selection, and structure to sizing, the physical nature of packaging can stir delight, recall memories, and instill a sense of ownership – brand ownership. By example; a little robin’s egg […]

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05.24.2017 /

Think it’s too early for holiday gift card packaging? Think again. From ideation to in-store arrival, are you ready for the multi-billion dollar industry? We’ve all been there before: mentally preparing ourselves to push through the chaos of the holiday shoppers trying to figure out what to buy, or where to buy it. Instead, we […]

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