04.23.2019 /

Have you discovered Lilly Pulitzer? If not, you are in for a treat! Here is a peek into who they are and why the Design Packaging team loves working with them.. Lilly Pulitzer is a women’s apparel brand that is known for brightly patterned resort wear. Their brand is all about the resort lifestyle, being […]

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11.20.2018 /

Create brand awareness for your growing business with beautiful packaging that won’t break the bank. Whether you’re a retailer or an e-commerce business, packaging your product is a must. The questions that small businesses find themselves asking are: Why do we need custom packaging? What can we purchase at a reasonable price that enhances our […]

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luxury ecommerce package design
11.05.2018 /

Ecommerce package design is still evolving and finding its place within the online purchase loop. With new technologies streamlining checkout processes making every click count, brands are discovering the importance of packaging’s role in consumer happiness. Free returns being standard practice magnify the effect that poorly delivered experiences can have by increasing return rates and […]

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11.01.2018 /

Create a Unique Experience for Consumers with a Custom Gift Card Carrier Let’s be honest – gift cards are not very exciting to give or receive. Partly because of the lackluster packaging and boring reveal of a gift card.  Usually, they are attached with cheap glue to an old-fashioned cardboard slip. We have all received […]

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10.23.2018 /

Lack of Innovation in Jewelry Packaging Design Stifles the Unboxing Experience Despite the fact that the jewelry industry has been around for centuries, its packaging hasn’t evolved much. Regardless of brand status, most brands use similar versions of jewelry packaging design: snap hinged boxes lined and covered with various materials. Though the quality of the […]

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10.16.2018 /

A guide on incorporating sight, smell, touch, and taste into packaging design As humans, we perceive our world through five senses. How our senses inform our buying decisions has been studied for decades by packaging design and marketing specialists. Creating multi-sensory experiences through packaging is critical to the success of any business. Let’s take a […]

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10.09.2018 /

Command Attention and Increase Brand Awareness In this social media age, the best salesman of your product is actually the packaging design. In other words, the package in which it actually enters the customer’s hands. Too often, marketers and retailers attempt to control the way in which their products and packages are visually presented using […]

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recycling symbols
09.06.2018 /

Continuing the sustainability and recycling discussion, we felt it important to set a baseline for the current symbols used in packaging to communicate recyclability. Understanding the symbols used in packaging design to communicate the process of recycling or material sorting is important for designers working in the packaging industry. Not all municipalities are required to […]

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Sustainable materials for packaging design and manufacturing.
08.02.2018 /

Just taking a deeper dive into our latest trend report “Top 3 Packaging Design Trends Shaping Up For 2019”, we’ve decided to break it up into 3 separate issues: Material Honesty, Rethinking Retail Packaging, and Creative Production. Today we are focusing on Material Honesty, outlining what to consider when selecting materials for retail packaging or […]

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The Dieline Awards Packaging Design & Structural Engineering
04.12.2018 /

The structural package design & engineering team at FORMA Structural Packaging, wins the coveted 2018 American Package Design Award for the Dieline Award Presentation Box. Their collaboration with Neenah Paper, and Design Packaging resulted in a memorable unveiling experience that presents the award to the recipient. Design Packaging worked closely with both teams to manufacture […]

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Design Packaging has grown over the last 30 years to an international packaging design corporation delivering award winning custom retail packaging to clients around the world. We’d like to thank our loyal teams and partners among luxury retailers in the fashion, beauty, and resort industries that have allowed us to maintain our position on the leading edge of retail and product packaging.

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