Design process for Sephora's holographic snowflake holiday retail packaging program.


Sephora Holiday Packaging Design

The Sephora holiday retail packaging program was designed to maximize the parameters set by budgets, timelines, and quantities. The design brief set by the Sephora team was based on a delicate winter wonderland of holographic mylar and fractals.

The expertise in materials and production techniques, allowed our team to balance high speed custom packaging manufacturing with an on-brand structural design, complete with a layered unveiling process. Retail holiday packaging must deliver a-ha moments in it's unboxing process, and since the holidays come once a year that moment has to be memorable.
Our process of rapid photo-typing each of our sketched packaging solutions, allowed our team to address fulfillment, and sales associate concerns of speed and consistency of implementation. Designing the final custom packaging in Solidworks yielded precise templates that were able to be tested in a real-time production line to fine tune die-cuts, and locking mechanisms to discover additional efficiencies in mass production.

The Sephora gift card carrier flew off shelves‚ as one of the holiday’s most coveted items. The Sephora retail holiday packaging program wouldn't have been complete without matching gift toppers, and cut & sew pouches... So we completed it!

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