Our holistic approach to the packaging design process is not a trade secret‚ it’s rooted in experience.

We begin our creative process with unfiltered communication; the foundation of collaboration. When teams engage each other daily‚ volleying ideas that impact anything from structural packaging design to material development and fulfillment methods‚ innovation occurs. We understand that retail or product packaging does not live in a vacuum‚ instead it must create value in the real-world applications of retail: cash wrap space‚ stock room real-estate‚ budgets‚ time-lines‚ and the speed of luxury retail packaging integration into corporate day to day operations.
We capture the essence of “look & feel” through color studies and mood boards of textiles and imagery. By defining goals, we focus our attention on structure and materials‚ communicating specific cues to the consumer. Sketches‚ swatches‚ and a multitude of concepts are then edited to present the strongest ideas, supporting the vision and brand promise.

Industrial design creates the solid foundations for tactile and visual consumer interactions through drama and a sense of anticipation for what’s inside. Romance is introduced through a detailed unveiling process that focuses on both unboxing and creating a share-worthy end-user experience.

Design Packaging has grown over the last 30 years to an international packaging design corporation delivering award winning custom retail packaging to clients around the world. We’d like to thank our loyal teams and partners among luxury retailers in the fashion, beauty, and resort industries that have allowed us to maintain our position on the leading edge of retail and product packaging.

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