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Create a Unique Experience for Consumers with a Custom Gift Card Carrier

Let’s be honest – gift cards are not very exciting to give or receive. Partly because of the lackluster packaging and boring reveal of a gift card.  Usually, they are attached with cheap glue to an old-fashioned cardboard slip. We have all received something like this from our good old Aunt Mathilda who doesn’t know what to get us. All brands want to sell more gift cards, but how do you elevate the experience to boost sales?

Fortunately, this easily achieved with a packaging design makeover. An innovative custom gift card carrier will dramatically change the consumer experience by creating an exciting unveiling moment. Regardless of the type of structure, gift card carriers are simply more enticing than a cardboard slip because they generate anticipation, are interactive, and visually appealing.  All the sudden, Aunt Mathilda gave you the ultimate gift that you can’t wait to use.

Take look at this unique pop-up envelope that DPI produced to carry a gift card.

This interactive pop-up gift card carrier slowly presents the card from within the envelope as it opens, which creates a unique unveiling moment. It is visually striking and interactive, and will help get consumers excited about giving and receiving your gift card.

Presentation is critical to the success of any gift card.  It begins with a premium, custom designed gift card carrier specific to your brand’s needs. Don’t settle for mediocrity in your gift card carrier design. If you are serious about ditching the cardboard and upgrading your packaging experience, let’s talk. 


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