Author: Evelio Mattos - Creative Director

05.24.2017 /

Think it’s too early for holiday gift card packaging? Think again. From ideation to in-store arrival, are you ready for the multi-billion dollar industry? We’ve all been there before: mentally preparing ourselves to push through the chaos of the holiday shoppers trying to figure out what to buy, or where to buy it. Instead, we […]

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Seasonal Gift Packaging
02.02.2017 /

It goes without saying that our favorite season of all is shopping season, which we celebrate all year round. Custom structural packaging of shapes specific to holidays and intricate patterns that change in sync with the seasons make each shopping experience memorable — supplying a fresh new look upon each customer’s return. With Valentine’s Day […]

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01.27.2017 /

The marketing buzzword graveyard can start digging another hole, this time for “personalized” right between luxury, clean, minimal, and everyone’s favorite… authentic. We’ve experienced a shift in retail beyond personalization, to something that mirrors our own philosophy, “shared brand ownership”. The “shared-ownership” model isn’t a new concept if you’ve been to a timeshare presentation, but […]

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01.12.2017 /

Who doesn’t love a free upgrade to first-class or complimentary beverage while waiting — the same goes for buying the latest accessory accompanied by a free Gift with Purchase (GWP). Whether you’re buying a present or shopping for yourself, a reusable GWP carries the sale-worthy power to influence a consumer’s buying decision. Ranging from messenger […]

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01.05.2017 /

By now we’ve all broken our resolutions, found a reason not to go the gym, and caved into that 800 calorie coffee drink. So let’s focus on a life long resolution you should never break; Staying Inspired! With CES being in full effect, we’re sharing a list of the must-attend conferences of 2017. Regardless of […]

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12.09.2016 /

Experience New York’s retail window wonderland all from the comfort of your home without bundling up to face the night chill, hot chocolate optional. Google’s Window Wonderland is the next best thing to being in New York right now, minus the great pizza. Download the app and experience the windows of Tiffany & Co., Barneys […]

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12.08.2016 /

We’re inspired by signature moments and creating experiences in everything we do; packaging, design, or sharing our experiences. Here are the top 12 most popular posts of 2016 worth a second look as we close out this amazing year.   #1 BEHIND THE SEAMS: CREATIVE PRODUCTION Looking to the future of retail packaging, Design Packaging […]

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11.30.2016 /

It’s that magical time of year again; window displays are filled with gift boxes galore, ribbons and bows make impactful statements, and packaging fills the air or at least shopping bags. In the spirit of giving we took the liberty to compile our second annual Packaging Designer’s Holiday Gift Guide and Wish List — a collection of gift […]

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Graphic Design Pattern Packaging Collection
11.09.2016 /

Packaging wrapped in bold graphic patterns, such as Crate & Barrel’s holiday cylinder boxes, or in soft painterly patterns, such as Lilly Pulitzer’s water color shopping bags, demands the consumer’s attention. The process developed by Design Packaging’s creative production team focuses on each brand’s original design intent to yield authentic, vibrant colors possible, no matter […]

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10.27.2016 /

Luxury brands adorn their packaging with it. Designers love the feel of it. Chisel embossed logos are clearly experiencing a resurgence right now. With everyone moving in the direction of smart, minimally sharp design, the embossing technique that’s been around for decades, if not centuries, creates a razor sharp focus and dimensional relief to logos. […]

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