The Dieline Awards Packaging Design & Structural Engineering
04.12.2018 /

The structural package design & engineering team at FORMA Structural Packaging, wins the coveted 2018 American Package Design Award for the Dieline Award Presentation Box. Their collaboration with Neenah Paper, and Design Packaging resulted in a memorable unveiling experience that presents the award to the recipient. Design Packaging worked closely with both teams to manufacture the self elevating insert, and fine tune the appropriate vacuum to smoothly release the product.

Bringing package design and package engineering under one roof have proven beneficial to clients of both FORMA & Design Packaging. The differences between engineers and designers are vast, but our collaborative practices seamlessly bridge the gap. Unique unboxing experiences engineered to delight (and be manufacturable), and visuals designed to communicate brand essence.

We’d like to thank GDUSA, Neenah, TheDieline, and everyone that made this happen.


Design Packaging has grown over the last 30 years to an international packaging design corporation delivering award winning custom retail packaging to clients around the world. We’d like to thank our loyal teams and partners among luxury retailers in the fashion, beauty, and resort industries that have allowed us to maintain our position on the leading edge of retail and product packaging.

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